2007 Inductees

The 1970 undefeated Cross Country Team


Ernest Cecaci – Coach (Football, Baseball, and Wrestling)
Rodney Franz – Coach (Soccer and Football)


Antonette Carter – Track and Field from 1999-2002

Jim Liggett – Baseball, Football, Basketball from 1956-1959

Steve Heinrich – Football, Baseball, and Basketball from 1969-1973

Jim McLaughlin: “Mr. Diablo” served as custodian from 1956-2000 and was an ctive supporter of the school’s sports programs.

Pre-1940: Harville Titcomb – Varsity Rugby (1913), and Varsity Track (1914)

Pre-1940: Laurance Olsen – Varsity Track (1923), Varsity Football (1923)

Inductees Biographies

Antonette Carter – Track and Field from 1999-2002
Ms. Carter is the first woman inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ms. Carter is a four-time All-American and was most valuable track member in 2004. She was a staite qualifier in the long jump and 300 meter hurdles in 2002. She holds records for Women’s 100 Meters, 200 Meters, Long Jump, and 300 Meter Hurdles. She received an athletic scholarship to the University of California in 2002.

Steve Heinrich – Football, Baseball, and Basketball from 1969-1973
Mr. Heinrich was captain of Varsity football in 1971/72 (first team all DVAL), and captain of Varsity basketball in 1972/73. In 1973 he won the PJ Kramer Award for Outstanding Senior.

Jim Liggett – Baseball, Football, Basketball from 1956-1959
Among his many sports accomplishments, Mr. Liggett was team captain of the Varsity football team for its 1958 League Championship victory. He also played varsity basketball and baseball. In 1960 he was signed to the Baltimore Orioles.


Jim McLaughlin – Mt. Diablo student from 1952-1956 and school custodian from 1956-2000.
“Mr. Diablo” was an active supporter of the school’s sports programs and a dedicated employee. He spent most afternoons and evenings at football, basketball, wrestling, and tract events and always had a helping had for coaches with whatever was needed. Mr. McLaughlin has received numerous awards from Mt. Diablo over the years, including Student Council award for unselfish devotion to the school, honorary membership in the Block D Society, and many awards from coaches.

1970 Undefeated Cross County
Undefeated in DVAL Duels, five team runners named to the All Northern California Cross Country Team, Number One ranked Freshman team in the USA.

Ernest Cecaci – Coach for Football, Baseball, and Wrestling
Mr. Cecaci coached the 1960 DVAL champions football team to 8 wins and 1 loss. He also coached Al Hagerstrand, state champion, in 1959. His other many accomplishments include ending Pleasant Hill’s 41 Duel Meet record winning streak in 1961.

Rodney Franz – Coach for Soccer and Football
Mr. Franz coached Mt. Diablo track from 1951-1953 for discus, shot-put, and starters. He also coached football during the 1952-1953 undefeated season. His distinguished accomplishments include being the first recipient if the Glenn T. Seaboard award, a UC Berkeley award to the player who has achieved the highest level of accomplishment both on and off the field.

Harville Titcomb – Varsity Rugby Fullback (1913), Varsity Rugby Center for the Championship Season (1914), and Varsity Track (1914)
Mr. Titcomb was selected to compete in an interscholastic track meet at the Pan Pacific Exposition in 1915. His accomplishments at Mt. Diablo include Varsity Track Team Contra Costa Athletic League Champions (1915), awarded medal for setting 440-dash record by the Board of Management for the Contra Costa Athletic League (1915), and numerous athletic awards.

Laurance Olsen – Varsity Track (1923), Varsity Football (1923)
Mr. Olsen, class of 1925, tied for javelin at the C.I.F. State Championship (1924) and placed fourth in the County Championship Track Meet for javelin (1923).